about me

Hello! I go by Kiah or Kai and I am a Digital Artist Graphic Designer Editor |

I’ve always had a passion for creative arts ever since I was young. I started doing graphic/digital art professionally in 2018. I am mainly self taught, but I’ve spent a lot of time learning new skills and perfecting my craft. I am capable of designing in almost any art style, but my personal art style centers around creating cartoon/comic style art. The most impactful thing, for me, in art is the ability to express my creativity and encourage others to do the same. When I’m not working on commissions you’ll find me practicing art studies, creating random scenes in Blender, designing new OCs, and following wherever my creativity takes me.

The greatest pleasure I have in my work is being able to take the ideas of others and turn them into art. I’ve worked with many clients and expanded my portfolio to a wide range of skills. I believe in clear and concise communication between myself and my client. My goal is to make your ideas come to life in the way you envisioned them and to ensure that your design reflects your brand and the essence of your community. I strive to provide you with quality service, in-depth attention to detail, and to ensure that you are satisfied with the product you receive.

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